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Here, you can find all of my projects neatly packaged into bite-sized chunks!

GC Skype Bot

Motivation/reason of creation: Personal; to produce a larger-scale C# application than before, and to learn how to effectively use git with another contributor.
Status: Released, but now mostly defunct due to Microsoft's deprecation of the desktop API.
Short description: A Skype bot console application to add extra functionality into group conversations.


Motivation/reason of creation: Personal; to learn PHP and run my blog more efficiently.
Status: Work in progress, private project.
Short description: Small blogging/content management system I am creating for my own usage.

Terrain Generator

Motivation/reason of creation: Personal; learning and experimentation.
Status: Released.
Short description: Terrain generator built with C# and Unity. Displayed using Unity's terrain engine, and generated using the diamond-square algorithm.

Falling Fish

Falling Fish promo
Video Game

Motivation/reason of creation: Personal; to learn basic C# and Unity.
Status: Released.
Short description: Mini-game in which the player manuvers on rising platforms with gravity and horizontal movements.

Published on  December 7th, 2014